Help! Server freeze on startup

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Lolok, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. My server not work at start, it's freeze
  2. Any additional information would be welcome.
  3. Look at this
    Commands don't work...

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  4. And this... I don't know load load load but still not working

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  5. Are the premium plugins yours or did you download the leaked versions?
  6. Some leaked but I don't remember which
  7. So, we found your problem. You use leaked plugins, leaked plugins usually cause trouble. Fix is easy: Pay for the premium plugin, avoid trouble and support the developer this way :)
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  8. Now i have deleted leaked plugins but still don't work
  9. Any new errors in console?
    Are you sure you removed them all?

    Try removing all plugins and start the server. If it opens normally its a problem with plugins, if not, it must be something else.
  10. whit no plugin the server work...
  11. Which means you got a problem with some plugin, now go and add plugins one by one (can go for more when you're sure they're working), to find out which one causes trouble.