[HELP!] Server Offline?

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  1. Hi, I made a minecraft server and it was Spigot and people couldn't join. I changed it to Bukkit then BungeeCord. I opened all the cmd (run.bat , start.bat etc.) and I go in the game and it appears as offline. Here is my ip.config http://pastebin.com/FnFvm9p6

    Please Help :(
  2. Are you connecting with localhost:25569?
  3. Did you actually open the correct port? Are you home-hosting or using a remote server?
  4. I tried connecting with 25569,25566,25567 and 25568
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  5. It only lets me join if im using localhost but my friends cant join. I already portforwarded .-.
  6. Im home-hosting
  7. You forwarded incorrectly or incompletely.

    Describe your home network devices? Do you have a modem and a router? If so, you need to port-forward each of them.

    A brief explanation: The internet ran out of IP addresses a while ago, resulting in the need for a router, instead of every computer directly plugged into the internet. Ports are like communication channels - when a program connects to the internet, the router remembers which port it is using, and sends replies coming in on that port to the right computer.

    port-forwarding is setting up a specific port so all incoming traffic always goes to the right device (the server cant open a connection from the inside, so it has to be set to always be open).

    If you have a setup like: computer(s) <-> wireless router <-> modem/cable box <-> phoneline/satelite, you need to get into the modem config, port forward 25565 to the router external IP address, and from the router, port-forward 25565 to the computer IP address. Also you need to set a static (non-changing) address for the computer to forward to (most routers have a "preferred address" option you can set for each computer/phone/tablet).
  8. Is this still a problem? Or have you found it out?
  9. I port-forwarded my minecraft server but i'm pretty sure all my devices are port-forwarded.. I have an Asus router.. I tried to port forward it from typing my IP but my Dad doesn't know our password and it'll shut down all our internet and we have to reset it.
  10. It's still a problem ;)
  11. Rofl, what. You cant access your router? Your server is definitely not port forwarded. The password should just be "password", unless someone changed it. If nobody can access the router, factory-resetting it is the only option. Resetting will not cause any issues with your internet connection, if the internet login is via another device (modem). If not, all you would need to do is re-enter the name and password from your ISP, which someone definitely has.
  12. please PM for assistance ill help you out pro bono
  13. Okay I will try that, thanks for the help.
  14. Wow it just starting working I didn't restart it or anything o_O Well probably the router got changed. Thanks! :D:D:D
  15. Very good, sometimes that is all it takes.
    Internet/Networking is top-tier witchcraft, really. It is amazing any of it works anymore, basically duct-taped 40-year-old technology.
  16. Wow, I can't believe how it works then stops. Now my server says it's offline again. I used to use an app to make my server and it port-forwards it for me I don't think it's really the router though...
  17. Enter my server is very good