Help setting blocks to different types of flowers.

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  1. I need some help with setting a block to different flowers. I realize there is a Material for yellow flower and red flower and I also know how to create an ItemStack of the correct type but actually setting a block I just couldn't figure out. Anybody possibly able to give me a hand?
  2. Code (Text):

    Block block = new Block(); //initialize the block here
    block.setType(Material.Bedrock); //Sets the block to bedrock (change that to what you wish)
    EDIT: I misunderstood the question, ignore what I said.
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    You can't instantiate Block. He is asking for different types of flowers, not just the base ones, which requires data values.
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  5. using the byte value you can change the type of flower this is for a blue orchid, this will create an itemstack for that item ->

    Code (Text):

    ItemStack flower = new ItemStack(Material.RED_ROSE, 1, (short) 1);
    taken from here ->
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    This is correct for ItemStack's but for blocks you have to use Block.setType and Block.setData.


    Block block = /* get block */;
    block.setData((byte) 1);
  7. Was my post misleading (i ask because i should change if folks don't understand) I know the Material I'm just not sure how to change the material to contain a damage value so that it may contain different color flowers?
    So depreciated is the only way to go?

    I literally said in my initial post that i know how to create the itemStack version :/
  8. Sorry I misread that part! you said you know the "material" not "itemstack" so it wasnt really that clear.
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    Yes, there is no alternative to using setData. Mojang started to change to using string names instead of data values, but they haven't changed fully, so no alternatives.
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    I thought the question was pretty clear.
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  11. no i didn't but ok.. thanks for helping anyways
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  12. Yep correct :)
  13. Slightly sleep deprivated so please excuse me! XD