Help stopping Hack Client

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  1. So I have a server and these people are using a hack client called SkillClient and I think it has something to where you can become another player and these people are becoming My Co Owner and I, here is the YouTube video they did.

    They keep coming on my server to mess it up.
  2. There is no way to get on your account if you have well configured spigot server and proxy server =/ Use ipwhitelist (to prevent getting on your account using another proxy server) and fastasyncworldedit (to prevent server lagging and crashing), and read more about proxy connecting and configure your proxy server better
  3. They joined as my account and my Co Owner account and destroyed the server and we have changed our password like 5 times and they keep coming on the server on our account. and I want people to join, New people with difference IP's.
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  4. you do not understand how is working ipwhitelist, you add there your proxy server ip, and they can't join from their's proxy server to your server.
    they just connecting from their's bungeecord to your server, and they don't have to login