Solved /help text breaks for some reason in plugin

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  1. When using /help the text appears like this:

    This is all that appears, whats the issue here? Why does it show this com... thingy?


    Code (Text):
    api-version: 1.16
    name: OverleveledEnchanter
    version: 1.7
    main: me.jingo.OverleveledEnchanter.OverleveledEnchanter
    author: [_1jingo1_]
    description: Combine overleveled items in anvil
        description: Overleveled Enchanter commands.
        usage: /<command> [reload]
        aliases: [ove]
  2. What is your question???
    The /help shows like this:
    /command - command's description
    what's wrong??
    The text is too long so of course it breaks and replaces with ...
    You can do /help overleveledenchanter
    Btw that command is long, if you use a shorter one you will see all text.
    ie ole

    description: Overleveled Enchanter commands.
  3. It's cutting the commands description because it's too long.
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  4. I assume that the cut "com..." part is the description. To clarify this, why does the description (if the com... part is the description even though my description starts as Com) get cut in half? Why isn't the descrpition in a new line?
  5. If I use \n will it add a new line for the description or will it remain at the same line? I do not have much knowledge in how plugin.yml works.
  6. because some commands have really long description, so they made it that every command can only takes 1 line...

    Same line, cant add new line. You can only use multiple lines if you override the /help command and use your own.
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  7. So I assume this stays as it is right? Can't do anything about it.
  8. It seemed weird to me because I have used hundreds of plugins and never befored noticed something like that.
  9. Okay guys thank you very much.
  10. Use a shorter command...

    Its always like that tho no matter the plugin, people just dont really put description for their commands
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