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Discussion in 'Programming' started by richomen, May 21, 2015.

  1. I have traducted the very nice Kingdoms faction plugin in french but i don't know how to compile this to a .jar plugin. Anybody can do this for me or explain me how to do this ? This is the link for downloading the github files i have traducted:

    Thank you in advance for taking time to help me :)
  2. What software have you used to translate the plugin?
  3. Notepad ++ and my brain :)
  4. Ok so you are trying to re compile a plugin. Do you have any knowledge of Java? As to do this you will need to use a Java development software like Eclipse to do this
  5. Not at all true, he can use the javac command provided by the jdk instead of using an ide.
  6. True but if he has no Java knowledge then an ide would be easier.
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  7. You don't need Java knowledge to run a simple command.
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  8. Can you explain me how to compil a github plugin with eclipse please ? I spend 1hours on this video tutorial but my plugin don't work :(