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  1. Hello guys, i think this should be easy for you, but i dont have clue, i have been searching for some autoranks plugins, and after test them im not happy with them, for my own reasons, so after it, i found a plugin not famous that have what i want, cool! BUT of course is giving me problems... :( the name appears RED when you put /plugins.
    I have been reading the log and i found this:
    [AutoRank] Enabling AutoRank v1.2
    [15:57:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [AutoRank]->ERROR: Plugin disable ! Config your database in AutoRank/config.yml!
    [15:57:47] [Server thread/INFO]: [AutoRank] Disabling AutoRank v1.2

    Okay so this is the database section of the config:
    #------Config AutoRank plugin---------
    #Database Settings
    host: "host"
    database: "Database name"
    port: "3306"
    user: "user"
    password: "password"
    #Interval of updating data players (IN MINUTES)
    interval: 1

    I have no clue how to set up, and what to change, could you give me a hand please? By the way, im using 1.12.1
    Thanks guys
  2. You need a database for the plugin to work. Change host to the name of your host, database to the name of the database you want to store the information in, and so on.
  3. Hello thanks for answer.
    This is what i dont know how to set up, im noob. I have tried like this

    host: "lacomunidad"
    database: "DatabaseAutorank"
    port: "3306"
    user: "autorank"
    password: "12345"
    #Interval of updating data players (IN MINUTES)
    interval: 1

    But obviusly i didnt do it properly becouse it say :

    [11:49:14] [Server thread/INFO]: [AutoRank] Enabling AutoRank v1.2
    [11:49:15] [Server thread/INFO]: [AutoRank]->ERROR: Database not connected, verif your parameters in config.yml
    [11:49:15] [Server thread/INFO]: [AutoRank]->ERROR: Plugin disabled
    [11:49:15] [Server thread/INFO]: [AutoRank] Disabling AutoRank v1.2
  4. Come one, no one knows how to set up a plugin? :O
  5. You cannot solve this problem with the plugin configuration alone. You will need to setup your MySQL server and create the user and database as specified in the plugin's database config. No way around it.
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  6. Thanks, so another plugin that i send to the trash...¬¬'
  7. Do you have a MySQL database?
    Does the config.yml of that plugin support using flatfile storage (on disk) rather than using a mysql database?
  8. I'm currently using AutoRank with no database configured. It works fine. I just didn't touch what it automatically generated when I downloaded the plugin. Although I am using an older version of the plugin so I'm not sure if that changed in recent updates.