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  1. I Need help with this problem

    Hello, i'm a server owner and i need help to code a multi-language plugin

    -Create a full customizable Language plugin like Hypixel

    -A Site to Import and Export JSON message files of my server

    -how i convert *EVERYTHING* of my server in a Json File? (or java file, idk)

    1 - What I meant by *EVERYTHING*?
    Answer: Holograms, Messages, Item Name, NPC Names, Tablist, Actionbar, Bossbar, etc...
    Note: If you want a complete list of what I want to convert to JSON is just let me know

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    _Ug say:
    You can host JSON files on Github and easily access them via the raw option, importing to each server at a constant interval or when prompted. When the player joins, you can prompt them to give their location, or just pick one based on their IP address and allow changing it in the future. Once you have the language you want, just access the file and, if the file contains that language, use the message returned by the key for the packets you send. It should be quite simple.
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  2. If you just want it translated to another language the majority of players on your server speak, a lot of plugins support creating your own language file. If you want to translate the messages etc for every player into their own language, you probably need custom-made plugins.
  3. You will probably need injectors (A whole lot of high level reflection in this case) into each plugin. If the plugin are hard coded (like in the actual method or marked as final), well you need to look up the source code and edit that.