Help understading my source of Lag

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  1. My server is running on an i7-4790K with 32GB ram and 250GB SSD
    Running paper spigot 1.15.2

    It seems to drop to 13-15TPS and below when 10 players are online. I would think this hardware could support a lot more than 10 players? Can someone help analyze my timings to see what is going on?

    Here are my timings:

  2. Maybe ask the Paper people why you have problems.
  3. For bukkit.yml, I recommend the following numbers:

    monsters: 40
    ambient: 1
    animals: 8
    water-animals: 8

    And for spigot.yml:
    view-distance: 6
    mob-spawn-range: 5
    hopper-check: 3
    monsters: 28
    animals: 16

    You should see a good amount of improvement from these changes.
  4. Looking at the number of entities... one of your plugins spawns too many of them.
    Also tile entities are quite a few. If you have a plugin that creates holograms above blocks, like EpicFurnaces, each hologram is an armor stand (which is an tile entity). I had a similar problem like yours where the armor stands wouldn't be removed correctly, and created like 9k of them (lucky I have a big server and the impact wasn't significant to drop so much TPS).
    Firstly, I would recommend for you a plugin that stacks entities (less entities = better performance).
    Also Villager Optimizer that slows down villagers ugly new AI and SAML that reduce mobs AI when the TPS drops too much.
    Hopes this helps.
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  5. Thank you, I will try these settings.

    I don't have any hologram plugin. Would too many hoppers/auto sorters/grinders be a huge source of tile entities?
    Do you have an idea of how many tile entities should be allowed for 10 players? I've seen it hit 6000+ with even just 6 players online.
  6. Hoppers, beds, chests and other things are also considered tile entities. I'm not sure what you mean by auto-sorters, but if you mean the redstone contraption, it might also be the redstone that causing the lag, and I'll recommend PandaWires that reduces the numer of block updates caused by the redstone wires. Grinders can be the source of entities, not tile entities. I'm not really sure how much tile entities should be allowed for 10 players. If you've hit 6k that should mean (in condition you don't have any plugin that creates them) someone created an lag machine that uses falling blocks (which are also considered tile entities).
  7. drives_a_ford


    ArmorStands are regular entities.
    Tile entities are blocks with extra data, see block entities in the wiki.
    You can also see the list of TileEntities (that took time to calculate) if you look at the above timings:
    (PS: None of them are really problematic)

    Not also, but those are tile entities.

    Again, falling blocks are regular entities, not tile entities. Only once they're on the ground do they come blocks (but still not tile entities).


    Your server is spending 16ms (32%) of each tick ticking COD (the fish):
    You've got over 400 of them being ticked every tick.
    You could try killing them, i.e /minecraft:kill @e[type=minecraft:cod] (or something similar - might have made a mistake in the syntax).
    EDIT: If some people have named cod, you might want to take care in only killing cod that are unnamed
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  8. Yes, you're right, my bad.
    But my recommendations are still valid, if you don't want to kill entities, and still keep the mobs that are already spawned.
    And having like 6k tile entities with less than 10 players online, does still means that someone is trying to kill the server performance.
  9. Try to make a rule saying not more than 100 hoppers. Having 1000s of hoppers can kill servers. Check out for that lol.
  10. If left unoptimized, yes. That is why I suggested the following, because it will greatly reduce hopper lag:

  11. Thank you for all the feedback everyone. I'll dig through all these replies and apply some changes and will see how it goes from there.