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  1. This is too old and fixed long time ago
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  2. It says in the first error (I believe):
    Your server couldn't contact the authentication servers.
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  3. Check if any plugins are having issues, check for updates, or check developers pages for any issues.

    You could have gotten botted/spammed on your server, so people locked your limit for something such as SkinRestore for contacting servers.
  4. No this error it's or spigot. The server is running in online or offline mod?
  5. Add me on Skype (in signature) and I'll help.
    I don't need to be paid, but I'll help solve this thread.
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  6. Could u upload this Error at hastebin please? Unformatted is ugly :D
  7. If it is a plugin, I'm not sure which plugin, but it's something trying to connect to a server which isn't responding