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  1. When players try to connect to my server they often (but not always) aren't able to because of the "unable to resolve hostname" error, but I can't figure out why. Before you ask the blacked out area is the direct IP for my server which I am sure is correct.
    My domain host is godaddy and this is my DNS setup:
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  2. Private ip? oh shit.
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  3. Sorry, I don't know too much about domains, what does this mean?
  4. He pinged your domain, and got your "Direct IP" that you blacked out in the screengrab above.

    In relation to the above topic, you have it setup right, just restart your computer. You haven't grabbed the new DNS records.

    I can get on just fine.
  5. This has been an ongoing problem for over a month, restarting my computer wont fix anything.
  6. What ISP do you have?
  7. I set this up for someone as they saw my post.
  8. I think you've misunderstood the issue, this is not a problem I have only, often players can't connect to my server for the "unknown to resolve hostname" error not just me. My Internet provider should have nothing to do with this as far as im aware.
  9. I was able to join through the SRV record. SRV records aren't compatible with all ISPs, so that's why I ask.
  10. Then also setup an A Record?
  11. He probably wants to drop the port after the IP.
  12. I do have an A record
  13. Then you should be fine.
  14. yes I should be but I'm not, the problem still persists
  15. Home Hosted server?
  16. Isn't it abnormal to have both a SRV and A record pointing to the same place?
  17. Yes but it still works. Also, SRV Records should be all ISPs but some don't. Which is their fault not yours.
  18. That's abnormal? why? maybe thats the problem which is the one I should be using
  19. Its more redundant than abnormal. You don't need the SRV record in this instance.
  20. So true.. But I mean redundancy is always good.