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  1. I need help fast.
    A member has died and has been banned for hardcore,
    i really need this fixed. nothing to do with
  2. ....

    /unban (player)?

    Or do you mean that the hardcore dead screen appears to him?
  3. Wat. How did they die? Wdym they are banned for hardcore?
    Ofc I know it wouldn't be something with
    Tell me how they died, how they are banned.
    What ban plugin you are using thats banning them.
    How are they dying.
    What plugin is causing them to die?
    Is your server in hardcore?

    State Clearly before posting.
    Plugins list too. Thanks.
  4. I ended up doing something so he's not banned for hardcore, but he's stuck in hardcore mode. And he died. and he can't respawn.
  5. Change the world settings back into Survival from Hardcore. I'm sure it's somewhere around NBT or something.
    You can browse the NBT of the world inside level.dat on something like NBTExplorer (Google it)
  6. It's already in survival.
  7. I meant the world gamemode. You may have to reset the player data of that player so that he isn't dead.
  8. Try the difficulty command:
    Code (Text):

    /difficulty normal
  9. Just switch their gamemode. All hardcore mode does is put you in spectator mode. Switching to any other mode is a way to respawn yourself.
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