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  1. hello there, I'm planning to start a Minecraft server. I've tried before but it went unsuccessful so I'm giving it a second chance, and the problem/confusion I faced the first time was that what if I want 3 games in my server, for example: Pvpkits - Skyblock - and Factions. If I host a single server and add plugins for pvpkits, then the plugins would also work in skyblock and lobby and I couldn't solve this problem at first time, and for this do I need to host 3 different servers for every single game and merge them together to form a good server? to be honest I have a lot of questions and I just want someone who has experience in making a server, I just wanna ask some pretty basic question. please message me if you want to help me.
    (My first language is not English so, sorry if my english is bad)
  2. Strahan


    Read up on BungeeCord, that's what you need. There is a PerWorldPlugins option, but you are far better off using BungeeCord.

    PS: Also don't double post.