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  1. Hello :( pls help me i use plugin AreaShop and
    i make a region wwith name spawn
    i make region for shop with command
    /rg define shop and set parent /rg setparent shop spawn
    and add this region in rent sell
    /as add rent shop

    but i buy this region and i cant place break any block inside region shop i buy ??
    pls help
  2. Check their priority

    Use /rg setpriority (name) 50
  3. priority of region shop ?
  4. Of the region you want to have access to.....
  5. region shop inside region spawn and
    region spawn priority = 0
    region shop priority = 10
    and region shop i make for rent but my member cant do anything place or break inside region shop
  6. Have you made regions and added them to each rental option?
  7. yes i have add this
    but if my member buy this region
    my member can't place block or anything on this region =-=
  8. Code (Text):
    flags: {build: deny, build-group: NON_MEMBERS, greeting: '§2[AreaShop]§f §fshop1
                    can be rented for $1000 per 1 day.', interact: deny, interact-group: NON_MEMBERS}
    This flag inside region shop
    i dont know what is NON_MEMBERS
    so can i change this ?
  9. change build deny to build allow to the owner/member of the region
  10. Code (Text):
    interact: 'deny g:non_members'
          build: 'deny g:non_members'
    likes this ?
  11. hmm something like that, see if it works.
  12. Nah that's default config of plugin and this not working =-=
  13. What exactly is not working when you use it?