Help with Armor Stands

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  1. You know those 'pets' in some servers? If I'm right, they use armor stands wearing custom skulls
    . I would want to know how they actually work. How are the armor stands positioned?
  2. ? have you tried something already? its basically the head slot for the armorstands that is displayed.
  3. No, how are they positioned so that they can move while the skulls are touching the ground.
  4. Actually ArmorStands won't move automatically so its beeing called from the entity classes, also what pets to you mean? like the HiveMC Pocket Pets or what?
  5. Those ones that are actually player skulls. The ones that moves a lot. How are they made so that they can move? Are they riding another mob? An answer to how they basically work is what I'm looking for.
  6. "The ones that moves a lot" Okkkkkk that explains it better thanks xd * Not * basically you could use a runnable that automatically follows the player by interacting with the entity.move(double,double,double); method.
  7. How do you position the armor stand's head to touch the ground?
  8. try to set the armorstand small and as a marker ( to not beeing interactable ) and then apply the skull to the head slot
  9. It's still doesn't touch the ground.
  10. Can you tell me the server where you have seen skulls touching the ground?
    You can also modify the boots or leggings so they are basically more at the ground
  11. I've seen plugins. Those plugins where their 'pets' are just skulls with textured skins.
  12. then could you please refer to those plugins?
  13. Basically those are armorstands with the skull on the head but to make Them exactly on ground, they subtracted the location by -1 or similar so the head location is on ground and the real armorstand is anywhere in the block
  14. In that case, how do they move and act like real mobs? (Jump when needed to, and being able to bump blocks.)
  15. ArmorStand with passenger and head pose in runnable >.<
  16. Changing the headpost isn't capable of making it touch the ground.
  17. Yeah its possible , i made a exactly copy of cubecraft miniatures
  18. What are the positions I need?
  19. Just update the head pose in runnable