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  1. Hello, can someone help me and explain how i can protect my server from bots, the random players join and bot and i can't do nothing, i have anti bot, how i can protect better?
  2. Is your server in online-mode?
  3. No, but i can't put server in offline mode because its server from serbia and they don't have money to buy 1 premium account :/
  4. There's really not much you can do then, there's no authentication at all for offline servers so people can join with literally any name they want.
  5. But how, when they run bots my bungeecord goes offline...?
  6. maybe get a anti cheat plugin for botting on bungeecord i sure there some around
  7. Is it just them joining that causes your Bungee to crash?

    Or are they spamming chat / actions etc?

    I've seen some offline servers opt for a captcha system or "you cant talk until you have moved" sort of thing.
  8. Hello,

    Ensure that your server is running in online-mode, you can check by going into your and see if it is set to false, change it to true.

    If player's are crashing your server, i'd recommend installing these plugins:

    If this does not work, please reply and explain further.
  9. I alredy have exploit fixer, and 2ls antibot and i use Flamecord version of bungeecord
  10. It only join and crash, no chat nothing
  11. Hi! Are you using bungeecord?

    Well look at this,

    is a premium resource.. but this plugin has all versions.

    for bungee and spigot


    You can provide timings?, or crash logs output please.?

    so everyone can help.
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  12. You should probably get an actual Minecraft Account first before setting up a server.
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  13. Hello, if you are using all the protection plugins 2LS and flamecord and still get crashing your server, it means that some of the other plugins that you have on your server are creating a conflict or are exploiting a vulnerability of that plugin.
    You should check your plugins