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  1. Okay, I have port forwarded my static ip to 25563, 25564, 25565, 25566, 25567, and 25568. In my bungee config, It looks like this: Click Here

    My looks like this: Click Here

    I am running Spigot 1.10 and the latest version of BungeeCord.
    I can connect to my own server using, but my friends cannot.

    I've watched many videos, but none of them tell me what to do whenever using port forwarding.

    I know I'm doing something very stupid but the truth is that I haven't set up a bungee server in over 2 years, so I apologize if the answer is very obvious.
  2. Change the in host in bungee config to is internal network only
  3. So what do I change the lobby server ip to?
  4. Lobby should be This will make sure nobody can join directly and it will protect you from offline players.
  5. And then people connect to the server by using my ip?
  6. Yes
  7. That's not working: " exception: Connection timed out: No further information:"
  8. Don't give them your 192.x.x.x ip, but your external ip.
  9. That's what I did, I got it from
  10. Do I have to go into the and set that IP as something as well?
  11. Bungeecord ip:
    Lobby ip:

    Then make sure the port where the player connects to (the port of your BUNGEECORD server) is open.

    Next give your public ip to your friends. Make sure to give them the port too if it isnt the default one (25565).
    Your friends should connect to the bungeecord server.
  12. I've done that, I can show you my updated Config, it's not working
  13. Then its probably a portforwarding issue. Make sure your port is open, a few things could block it from opening:
    • Local firewall
    • Firewall on your router
    • Firewall at your ISP
    • ...
    Make sure to check all of these possible scenarios and make sure port 25565 is open.
  14. Thank you so much, I knew it wasn't me, I set it up the way you told me before and it didn't work, I knew it was a port issue with my computer.