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  1. hey guys i know this is a newbie question. how do i bungee my server? I only have 1 faction server and its been a month since i start to bought it i plan to add a asdadas server on it. how can i do that?

    you might reply that i should google it or youtube it but i cannot see a minecraft server hosted by companies tutorial.

    please help newbie owner here!
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  2. step 1: "type shared hosting bungeecord server" into google
    step 2: click the spigotmc link
    step 3: follow the information contained inside
    step 4: profit???

    note: you will need a second server in order to run your bungee instance, you cant run it off of the same instance as your spigot server
  3. so i will buy new servers for hub and asdasdasd?
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  4. unless you're renting a dedicated server or a vps that you can run multiple serbs off of you will need a new server for each thing you want to run, the bungeecord itself will require 1 server instance, so for a factions, skygrid, hub and proxy thats 4 servers you would need

    probably easier to look at a cheap dedicated box or something and move everything to that
  5. dam i cant afford another after i bought 4gb ram server. can you send me a link of any cheap server
  6. for dedi's google kimsufi or so you start, i dont generally deal with shared hosting since its in most cases a rip off and gives less control over things
  7. uhhmmm okay i guess ill just continue in 1 server and save that for future
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