Help with bungeecord Giving on of my mc accounts if my issue is solved.

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  1. Hi everyone. Let me put you guys on "topic" so that you get what i am trying to do. I currently own 1 vps , 1 100 slots minecraft server and 1 200 slots minecraft server , ah and also a 1 gb minecraft server.

    What i am trying to do is to use bungeecord on my vps so that people use the vps's ip + a port to connect to the hub , and from that hub they can chose which server they want to go to.Someting like the shotbow network (obviously way smaller) , where there user adds an ip to their roser ,joins it and from that hub they can join any of the servers.

    So , here is what i want to know how to do:

    1. Install bungeecord on my vps's + a port , so my vps is where i want the users to connect to , here is what i would like it to be , but my vps is , so how do i make it so that bungee is on that port?
    2. Make it so that when people join my working , they spawn in a hub where they can chose the server that they want to go to.
    So , let me just show you what i would like it to be :
    When people spawn on the hub , they can choose to go to X : or Y : , and that's what i have no idea how to do. So , do i need a 4th server to use as hub? if i do i think i would use the 1 gb server which has this ip .
    Please help me , i can install any linux red hat distribution on my vps , how do i do the port thing?Everything? Please include the config file.
    I'm willing to give my secondary minecraft account with the username Gerachi to the person that can help me do this through here , skype or teamviewer.
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    this is basic bungee installation what you are asking. you just edit the config
  3. Look at all the stuff i need..please help i am giving a "reward"...
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    how can you disagree with me? im not lying to you
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    post config
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    your config is all wrong, ill set it up for 50 bucks ;D
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  7. LOL.