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  1. I am new to bungee cord but i have used ti before and got it working very well for me. I want to have my server and a friend's server connected using the bungee cord. how am i supposed to do this with his server hosted off his computer and mine hosted off my own computer?

    plz help asap.

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    Just reference his IP in your servers config section.
  3. I tried that but it didn't work. here is my config: should his server still be in offline mode? and whenever i had my previous server network running i did not have to port forward all of my servers. does he do the same as i did?
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    Server must be in offline mode

    Your lobby and bungee are running on the same ip/port combo. Bungee is not a server, it is but a proxy. You must run your actual server on a different port.
  5. no. i can get onto my lobby server but when i try to connect to my friends server it doesnt work
    i have registered it in the config
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    Have you port forwarded on your computer and your friends computer?
  7. Since the servers are in different machines, you have to set 'connection_throttle' to -1.
    Then change 'host' to
    Make sure the port of each server is registered correctly in the configuration. Since you changed the port of the Bungee server to 25565, I suggest you change the port of the lobby server to 25566 in its file, and then in the BungeeCord configuration. That way you can run both the BungeeCord server and the Lobby server from your computer.
    Start both servers up, and try connecting to 'localhost'.

    You also have to forward the ports 25565 and 25566 on your computer, and the port 25578 on your friend's computer. Make sure the port of your friends server is 25578 in its file.
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  8. yes his and mine are both port forwarded and work well. we've each played on our individual servers many time and just want to link them. i also set both of them to offline mode. connection throttle is also at -1
    could not connect to default or fallback server is the error i get when i try to connect to his server while in the lobby
  9. same here i was wondering how but the other pc is on my network
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