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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Intermo, Mar 1, 2020.

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  1. So, I got my whole mc server network set up with Bedwars,survival and KitPvP and I obviously cannot keep running the whole network at a loss so I want to start accepting donations.

    There is only one problem; chargebacks
    I am terrified of getting chargebacks because just one $20 chargeback fee could take my whole network down for a month. Im already very tight with my server budget and I could not take a money hit like that.

    I've thought up two things:
    1. Don't spend the money on server costs so that if a chargeback occurs I can refund the money
    2. Use bitcoin

    The problem is, with the first one, the customer has like 60 days to reverse the charge.
    The problem with the second one is that only accepting bitcoin would discourage 99% of regular players from donating.

    From what I've read it is essentially impossible to win a chargeback if the person claims that it was an unauthorized charge.

    If any of you have experience on this topic please help me out.

    Also you don't need to link me to this thread about chargebacks. I've already read it several times.
  2. As said in the thread you mention. In your Acceptance terms, state that no-charge-backs are allowed. This means, in your defence when counting the charge-back claim, you have those terms, the person accepted.

    With that said, your not likely to get chargebacks. A server I currently work on, has had around 30 donations last month, 1 was attempted to be charged back. This is a slightly bigger server, so chargebacks are more common. On smaller servers, I've never seen it, or had experience dealing with it, as it just hasn't happened.

    Its not something to worry about. Most people will donate and be done with it. Its not the biggest concern you should be having when running a server.
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  3. Thank you, I really needed an insight on the situation from someone like you. I'll make sure to make proper documents for the store.

    If I might ask, did you win that attempted chargeback? If so, what evidence did you provide?
  4. That the player/customer has received the items. Screenshots of the execution is proof depending on the type of chargeback.

    Stop accepting PayPal or credit cards, the amount of fraudulent transactions are lower with bank transfer or Paysafecard
  5. I live in Croatia, for some of my players to wire the money overseas the fees could be very high. Wire transfers are neither convenient or cheap. Paysafecard only offers fixed amounts for their prepaids not to mention that it is basically impossible for me to convert the cards into money on my bank account.
  6. First sentence is exactly how we did win that, yes.

    Second sentence however, I disagree with. Paypal is 100% safe and good to be using. Regardless what pay gate you use, people would still attempt the charge-back if they are someone who will do that. I've always encouraged and used Paypal without ANY issues.

    EDIT: Its good to note that Paypal will normally always side with the Buyer however. Meaning you MUST have good evidence the buyer got what was paid, and they agreed to terms. To ensure this, many donation systems like Tebex (Buycraft) and CraftingStore allow for confirm emails to be sent showing what was received etc.
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  7. So in your opinion, if I made all of the documents for my store and followed what the guy from the thread I mentioned in the parent post, would I be able to win chargebacks?

    Also, thank you so much for all the info I really appreciate it.
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  8. Yes, just do the Terms correctly, and follow whats been said.

    As I mentioned before, chargebacks are not the biggest concern with servers, and dealing with them is something not many server owners ever have to face. Just be smart and clear, and everything will be fine.
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  9. Yeah, I understand now. Its just everywhere I look chargebacks are extremely stressed upon and it planted in my mind the idea that they're a daily occurence, I really needed a wake up call from someone with experience in the area like yourself. Thank you so much again.
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