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  1. hello , (I do not know if this is the correct section.)
    I want to ask you if any of you know the code (p.s. I'm not a programmer but I need this code to put it into a plugin) to reopen a book when a player closes it (like the inventories that you close them but reopen immediately after) please and from 1 month I try to figure out how to do (you can do there are servers that do), please help me!

    if possible, the code should be compatible for all versions

    If this section is not correct, tell me which one is right and I'll post them.
  2. Please help me!
  3. I'd suggest you looked into reflection for making this work in most versions. Apart from that, it's not possible to check when a player closed a book because the client does not send something when opening / closing a book as far as I know.
    You can force the client to open one, but you cannot check if it actually does it nor can you see if the client closes it.
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  4. and how do certain servers do that?
  5. I can only assume they are re-opening the page every X seconds or something like that, in the page the player was currently at. Not sure if this is the case though.
  6. but it doesn't make sense that you can get a book to open but not keep it open.
  7. someone can help me?
  8. I thought closing books were client side
  9. some servers reopen it if you close it

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