1.15.2 help with config

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  1. You need to create a new file if the file does not exist.

    Java's File constructor returns always a file, but it does not create a new File unless you are using File#createNewFile
  2. Since you're only using a single configuration file, you could just follow this tutorial in the spigot wiki to achieve the same result in a lot easier way.
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  3. 1. how do I check if it exists or not I saw something about it but don't completely remember
    2. I wanted to do it this way because I wanted to try and figure out how to do it this way so I could use multiple files in the future.
  4. 1. File#exists.
    Do something like this:
    Code (Java):
    if(!file.getParentFile().exists()) file.getParentFile().mkdirs();
    if(!file.exists()) file.createNewFile();
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  5. They should probably create the plugin's data directory before creating the config file itself:
    Code (Java):
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  6. Yes indeed. Code corrected