Help with continuity between hub and minigame servers

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    I was wondering if someone could explain to me how a shop on a "hub" server, could effect gameplay on a bungee minigame server. For example: purchasing a kit upgrade in the hub server then makes that change on the minigame server. I was also wondering how do titles/names carry throughout severs? Do they all have to be installed and configured individually? Any help with this would be appreciated so much.
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    That sounds intimidating! How complex would something like that be? What basic knowledge/experience would someone need to have to help me with that?
  3. Lol, it may sound intimidating, but I would focus on getting a little knowledge of MySQL or the DB of your choice

    Learn how it works, then learn how it works in Java

    Then apply it to a plugin that handles your player data.
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    I need to hire someone :p know of anyone who could help me with that? I looked for system admins but I didn't get anyone with that type of experience.
  5. You're going to have to define 'Hire' better.

    My suggestion would be start here.