Help with CPU and bandwidth

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  1. I need update my host with this requeriments:

    CPU: Intel Core i7 3930K or 4930K (6 x 3,20 GHz)
    Bandwidth: 100 Mbit/s port

    How many players can support in a server factions? Thanks
  2. minecraft hosting is cpu and ram based need to know the ram amount
  3. This server have 64 GB RAM
  4. 64 GB of ram should hold plenty of players. Probably about 150/200+ players.
  5. Mikgreg


    Er, distributed across multiple servers 64GB can handle a whole lot more than that. I can hold 600 players on one of my machines with only 32GB allocated. It all comes down to what you're hosting, and how intensive it is.

    The machine the OP posted can handle hundreds of players on a factions server, and will still have room for more servers on the machine if optimized well..
  6. He's right, it all depends on the quality of the RAM you're using.
  7. Ahem... he never said quality of RAM dont know where that came out of but that isnt true... like the other guy said, its about how much stress your putting through (plugins running) and your CPU..

    I dont know why you guys are saying 600 players for 64GB xD I have seen 500 players on a 16GB server running fine with barAPI and the works... 64GB in my eyes should be able to hold way more than what you guys are saying (but I never have the money to waste on that many reasources so I have no proof) and no commenting on the fact that I cant afford it! Thats very rude
  8. My problem is not RAM, this processor (4930K) can maintain a server factions with (150 - 200 players) +18 tps?

    I always have the same problem, low TPS

    Other thing, is good Bandwidth: 100 Mbit/s port

  9. minecraft7net


    so hypixel has - (23000/200)*64=7360=7,3TB RAM?
  10. minecraft7net


    you need to tune linux, tcp, minecraft server, and check timings baded on plugin you are using.