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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by joshwenke, May 12, 2015.

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    Hey guys. I know some of you can read these fluently. Me, on the other hand, has trouble with figuring out what the problem is. I'll explain what I can and if anyone has any ideas or things to try, please feel free to let me know. I'm posting here as my last resort.

    I've been noticing NO consistency with this Survival server. Occasionally it will run fine, and sometimes it won't. There are periods where you can't be logged in for more than 1 minute without getting kicked for a timeout error.

    Basically, the server has been unplayable and my player counts are at an all-time low. See what, if any, information you can gather from these few crash reports over the last week or so.

    I've refrained from updating to 1.8.3 because of plugin compatibly issues.
    My servers boot up at 3am in the morning after shutting down daily at 2am.

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    Gonna bump this to see if anyone has input.
  3. Mind showing me a plugin list?
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    I use Skript for my server, which I suspect is the main issue. Perhaps the database saving? I'm not really sure how to decode the crash logs.

    Bottom of the log shows my plugins:
    [RandomSK] Disabling RandomSK v2.0
    [SkSpigotAdditions] Disabling SkSpigotAdditions v1.7.5
    [BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge] Disabling BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge v7
    [Umbaska] Disabling Umbaska v1.4.1
    [PirateSK] Disabling PirateSK v0.4.1
    [WildSkript] Disabling WildSkript v1.8
    [skRayFall] Disabling skRayFall v1.2.1
    [SkQuery] Disabling SkQuery v3.21.4
    [PwnFilter] Disabling PwnFilter v3.3.1
    [Skript] Disabling Skript v2.2-SNAPSHOT
    [iTag] Disabling iTag v1.1.0
    [JSONAPI] Disabling JSONAPI v5.6.0
    [Vault] Disabling Vault v1.5.3-b37
    [MicroJump] Disabling MicroJump v1.0.4
    [SQLibrary] Disabling SQLibrary v7.1
    SQLibrary stopped.
    [ExecuteEverywhere] Disabling ExecuteEverywhere v1.2.3-SNAPSHOT
    [AsyncWorldEdit] Disabling AsyncWorldEdit v2.1.5
    [AsyncWorldEdit] Disabled
    [NoCheatPlus] Disabling NoCheatPlus v3.12.0-BETA2-sASO-b813
    [LibsDisguises] Disabling LibsDisguises v8.2.6-SNAPSHOT
    [ProtocolLib] Disabling ProtocolLib v3.6.3-SNAPSHOT
    [Multiverse-Core] Disabling Multiverse-Core v2.5-b691
    [SkQueryAPIONLY] Disabling SkQueryAPIONLY v4.0
    [Buycraft] Disabling Buycraft v6.7
    [PlugMan] Disabling PlugMan v2.0.4
    [WorldEdit] Disabling WorldEdit v6.0;3342-78f975b9
    [CleanroomGenerator] Disabling CleanroomGenerator v1.0.0
    [AsyncWorldEditInjector] Disabling AsyncWorldEditInjector v2.1.3
    [CoreProtect] Disabling CoreProtect v2.10.0
  5. from what i read from the crash reports
    seems to be the issue... Try removing it or updating it, Also can I see a timings report