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  2. Possibly find the sitting method in Wolf class?
  3. I didn't found it..
    I found wolf.setDamageNoTicks(int) but i want that the mob will be always invincible..
  4. Hm. Perhaps make a method that sets a wolf's movements to null? I don't know to much about this, but I would assume this.
  5. Anyone help me u.u
  6. You probably have to use NMS or reflection :/

    There is a depreceated invalid damage method? Possibly set the int damage to 0? and make your mob invincible? All classes on the spigot api page =)
  8. No. Just no.
    OP: use Pathfinder Goals
  9. I have not to use this only for the type wolf..but for every type of mob..
  10. =/ sorry i dnt know too much about advance coding.. i was just trying to help.
  11. It's okay, but as he said, he doesn't want his code to only work with wolves
  12. so anyone can help me?
  13. I said before, use Pathfinder Goals
  14. exscuse me,but what is it?
    Can you help me on skype?(nick napolissimo1926)
  15. just use NMS custom entity
  16. and how i can use it in a code block?