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    Hey all!

    I'm working on changing the death messages for players, but I'm running into a few problems, hoping that someone can help me out.


    Here's what I'm currently stuck on
    1. When a player dies to a mob (ENTITY_ATTACK), the death message doesn't change.
      • I think this is due to me setting the killer variable to the type Player, however if I use the type Entity, I can't get use getItemInHand if the killer is a player.
    2. How can I tell if the killer entity is a spider jockey, wither skeleton, etc?
    3. With ENTITY_EXPLOSION, how do I check if a creeper is the damager?

    I appreciate any help! Also I apologize for all the questions, I've been searching around for a good while and can't find any answers.
  2. Watch your line 57, killer has to be a player. In PlayerDeathEvent, the getKiller() function will only work while a player killed him.

    If a player dies to a mob, cast PlayerDeathEvent to EntityDamageByEntityEvent, and use event.getDamager() to get the actual killer entity.

    Ps: If killer entity is an arrow, you know what to do.
  3. RiotShielder doing Java, am I dreaming?
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  4. To check if the entity is a SpiderJockey:

    Code (Text):
    public boolean isSpiderJockey(Entity e){
            if(e instanceof Skeleton){
                if(e.getVehicle()!=null&&e.getVehicle() instanceof Spider)return true;
            if(e instanceof Spider){
                if(e.getPassenger()!=null&&e.getPassenger() instanceof Skeleton)return true;
            return false;
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  5. RiotShielder


    I honestly have no idea what I'm doing right now.

    Current source:

    From what I understand, getKiller() won't return anything unless the player was killed by a player, so what do I use instead? I really don't have much experience with Java so I do apologize.
  6. @RiotShielder try getLastDamageCause(). It returns a EntityDamageEvent, which you can cast to EntityDamageByEntityEvent - if it is one, obviously - and get the damager from there.
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    How would I cast it to that? And after casting it, how would I see what entity killed the player?
  8. Check if event.getKiller() != null (meaning killer is player)
  9. cast it with : 'instanceof EntityDamageByEntityEvent'.
  10. get the damager from the EntityDamageByEntityEvent. That should be the killer.
  11. Something like this?

    Code (Text):
        public void onPlayerDeath(PlayerDeathEvent event) {
            Player p = event.getEntity();
            if (event.getEntity().getLastDamageCause() instanceof EntityDamageByEntityEvent) {
                EntityDamageByEntityEvent nEvent = (EntityDamageByEntityEvent) event

                if ((nEvent.getDamager() instanceof WhateverMob)) {
                    // Do something if the player was killed by WhateverMob that isn't a player
                if (((event.getEntity().getKiller() instanceof Player))
                        && (event.getEntity().getKiller() != null))
                    // Do something if the player was killed by another player
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  12. You can always set the event message to null or a blank string, then broadcast a message.
  13. RiotShielder


    Thanks! This makes a lot more sense now.

    Here's my current code:
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