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  1. So basically I want to create a fun smp with my friends but I can't seem to get dynmap's webserver to work. Can anyone help me, I've posted the config file and what the website loads up when I type in the http://IP:8888/
    My IP isn't really entered since I don't feel comfortable with random people joining the server.
    Screenshot (8)_LI.jpg


    Note: I've tried the web-server ip for my actual server ip as well as and have tried removing the # sign; I've tried the port 2368

    To anyone who can help: Thanks! :)
  2. is the port open?
  3. How can I check that?
  4. Strahan


    You don't; you open one. Is this home hosted or paid hosting?
  5. It's paid hosting, and I opened one with mcprohosting for port 5918.

    I actually have the server console error if you can further assist me:

    [04:18:11] [Server thread/ERROR]: [dynmap] Failed to start WebServer on address (my mc ip):5918 : Failed to bind to /(my mc ip):5918
  6. Strahan


    So mcpro confirmed with you that port is accessible to your instance on that IP and is not being used by anything? If that's the case, you need to open a ticket with them as this isn't something you can fix.