Help with EnchantmentAPI, the plugin doesn't load in

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by poncethecat, Jun 3, 2015.

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  2. It could be a different Java version than your server try compiling it to a different Java version
  3. Have you added the dependency in the plugin.yml and is the plugin red when you time /plugins ?
  4. try compiling to a different Java version i had this problem
  5. Scroll up in your console, or check the logs file. If a plugin doesn't load, the error is usually high up in the logs. Most likely a Plugin.yml formatting error or you did not put 'depend' in your plugin.yml
  6. Usually this means the plugin.yml is not correct.

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  7. Sorry, ninja skills are too fast :p
  8. Just as already said above:
    > Compiled with wrong Java-Version?
    > Correct Folder?
    > Running with wrong Java-Version?
    > Wrong Letters in plugin.yml
    > No plugin.yml at all?

    Maybe post a log?
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    i said try and compile it to a different Java version but i guess he can't read my post
  10. OP never proclaimed himself as an advanced programmer, so how about tell him how to do it instead of adding on to you bashing him?
  11. he could of asked how... then i would of told him. But he never so..
  12. Did you create your plugin.yml inside the package or project?
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  13. So... The plugin loaded before you added the enchants?
  14. Is there another plugin with a similar name?
  15. @poncethecat upload the whole server log (preferably a fresh one)