Help with essentials (STILL NEED HELP!!!)

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  1. Could you also help me with /setspawn for essentials. I downloaded essentials from spigot and it's not working.
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  2. Tux


    Put the plugin's JAR in your BungeeCord plugins folder and restart BungeeCord.
  3. I get an error saying "Missing BungeeYAML"
  4. Download BungeeYAML and also put it into your Bungee plugins folder
  5. I tried, doesn't work for me.
  6. any logs etc?
  7. Code (Text):

    11.06 12:22:58 [Server] WARNING Failed to enable SwiftMOTD
    11.06 12:22:58 [Server] WARNING BungeeYAML (required by SwiftMOTD) is unavailable
    you may not placed the BungeeYAML in the right folder
  8. Where do I put it?
  9. in the same folder as your SwiftMOTD is

    if you are in your plugins folder do
    Code (Bash):

    If you see a BungeeYAML.jar AND a SwiftMOTD.jar you are right
  10. Still doesn't work. Am I using the wrong .jars?
  11. Screenshot from 2015-06-11 21:09:58.png Screenshot from 2015-06-11 21:10:28.png

    Hmm works for me
    maybe you use YAMLer instead of BungeeYAML (the download is down)
  12. Just the command itself isn't working or Essentials?
  13. Correct