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  1. Hey all, i wanted to know if i could add the player count for servers on my network instead of total on the network into my scoreboard as i'm running featherboard on my hub.


    > Skyblock: {online}/{max}
    > Creative: {online}/{max}
  2. why not just ask the author in his thread/use PM?
  3. he's on vacation
  4. Well then, this means no support will be offered from the author at this time.
    And I will not help him answering your question because I am not his employee.
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  5. if you are not going to help please don't reply.. Thanks!
  6. I was:
    First, telling you the author is actually responsible, not the community, so go ask the author.
    Second, telling you just bought a plugin from a irresponsible author, because his random vacations voids the support.
  7. First, im very clear that the author is responsible, asking for community support is ok
    Second, Maximvdw is very responsible, DID say he was going on vacation so it was not random...
    Third, as i said clearly your not the helpful type so please feel free to take your remarks other places.

    I asked for some honest assistance, not a brawl over responsibility. If you are not going to assist me, please don't reply here.
  8. I don't usually say this, but please face the truth. What you are experiencing right now was those two points what I said, while denying them. I always try to warn people not to follow those who could maintain a fake reputation by having idiot fans, and of course I am not talking about the author here involved. If you are not listening to my advice, sorry that I wasted your time. Goodbye.