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  1. I have recently made and revamped one of my old Technic Modpacks. We have been getting a lot of support and downloads recently meaning we have been running over our bandwidth for our back-end download (Dropbox). We currently have a free web-hosting platform with enough storage and unlimited bandwidth is there any possible way that we can generate a direct download link (hotlink) to that file in the FTP? We need this direct otherwise Technic will not download the files correctly.

    Many Thanks
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    Put it on GitHub Pages if it's less than 100MB in size.
  4. This just asks me for login information and when in-putted sends me to a unknown page.

    I'm not to sure how to do this but i can research it.

    It needs to be a direct link for it to work. Will github be able to do this?
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  6. And there is not bandwidth limit?
  7. I'm not familiar with GitHub is there anyone that could do this for us?
  8. Looking for someone to help me setup downloading off of github let me know if you can help ;)
  9. if you can upload files to the webserver you wont need ftp to get them as it will be as simple as putting into your technicpack

    download filezilla and input your user and pass, then simply upload to the top directory on the webserver or where ever you wish to put it

    if you need additional help still with hosting files send me a private message, and ill reply as soon as i can,
  10. Just create a repository.
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