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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by hakkehify, Mar 31, 2020.

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  1. Its normal a server with less than 20 players, with 38 plugins playing in 1.15.2 consume a lot of ram?
    My server have 9gb and it cant be open more than a hour because the ram usage get too high and freeze completly my server.
    Keep in mind is a survival server
  2. Check if your server has a significant number of entities in the world. Recently, due to bugs in mob behavior, server performance has been hurt significantly. Also, some additional information could help us find the root of your problem: a plugin list, what is happening when high consumption occurs, and the exact number of players online. Thank you!
  3. upload_2020-3-31_16-17-1.png

    This is my plugins list

    Dont matter the amount of players, yesterday at 3am with 3 players the server got freeze like 3 times in less than 2 hours due to ram.

    Also with 14 players spend the same time to get freeze
  4. To be general, any server with nearly 40 large plugins and a consistent player base will experience lag to some degree.
    You should run a diagnostic using the timings feature of Spigot. Post that link here, as well (sorry I forgot about this).
  5. You're running Paper.
    Code (Text):
    git-Paper-149 (MC: 1.15.2)
    Paper Spigot isn't supported nor endorsed here. You may find better help in their support area(s).
    Also, servers running in offline-mode can generally yield unexpected results as plugins fail to compensate support for such.
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