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  1. Hey all !

    I'm attempting to use an android .aar file. I've extracted the class from it and imported it into my project. Most of it seems to work, however I've run into the issue of "activity". Is there a way to get around this android activity thing?


    Help would be appreciated. :)
  2. What is the gameId var?
  3. That particular error is a class file and it isn't able to find it. One would need to figure out what it does if it's only used once or twice and code around it or find that file and import it as well. It's probably another library that that app used

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  4. WAS


    The type Activity is not available to PlayerIO. Does this class depend on anything else?
  5. You need to import the android os package ("android.os") and probably the while android lib ("android") from it's own library. It IS VERY big. (Believe me i tried to download old API level 19 for android and it took me 6 hours)

    EDIT: OK you WILL need the whole package because it has some links to android.util and there are native libraries all over android so you will also have to configure support for JNI. Not worth it
  6. WAS


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  8. You will need a wrapper that replicates what PlayerIO.authenticate() does
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  10. Alright, so I've got a PlayerIO DLL for C# applications, is there a way to convert it to something java can use?
  11. you'll have to rewrite it in Java (like mentioned before), and possibly port it from Android to JVM (you can't - or at least should not - use Android classes in a Spigot plugin, lol).
  12. Trying to use playerIO as a backend for my server. if I run all information to that backend I can remove a lot of stress from my server allowing a lot more ram usage and less lag, including, but not limited to, a secure database easier than mySQL.