Help with in-game chat

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by SophieOGrace, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Hello again :p

    I recently changed from essentials to essentialsX.

    I'm using factions, nametagedit, essentials and groupmanager.

    My ingame name is only Sophie even though nametagedit adds Owner to prefix on tab and I'm in the Owner groupmanager group with a set prefix to Owner too for chat but it doesn't work anymore.. I'm lost :(

    Please help a rookie trying to learn! :)

    If there's any more information you need just let me know!
  2. Hello, I think that there are plugins for Prefix.
    Also check that Multiverse (or any worlds plugin) isn't "blocking" prefixes.
    Also you can CTRL+F in all the EssentialsX files (config.yml etc.) and type "prefix" in your CTRL+F textbox.

    If you can't open these .yml files just download Notepad++ :

    Hope I'll help you
  3. It's because factios is overriding it. Edit it in the instances.json. ;)
  4. For the prefix in chat use PermissionsEx nor groupmanager. And for your name tag type /nte player Sophie prefix (prefix)