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  1. So this might go into the bungee cord help section but I'm not sure. Anyways with bungee cord the servers have to be in offline mode but with that people can join directly to the server as me or another admin so I tried to put the IP's as but the IP's keep on changing back to in the file. How can I fix this?
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    Are you using some sort of management panel? Like I have Bisect Hosting and their panel settings will rewrite on start, so changes need to be made on the panel not directly on the file then you let the panel propagate the change.

    If you are just hosting directly, no idea.
  3. This sounds like a misconfiguration.

    It's supposed to be as the host. Make sure all spigot servers are in offline mode and ip forward is set to true in your bungee config. Remember to enable bungee in your spigot.yml file and to change the port of the server.

    Shut down all servers.

    On bungee's server files
    Change host in bungee's config from to
    In bungee's config change the lobby or whatever the server's name is address to address: localhost:25566
    Set ip_forward: false to ip_forward: true

    On spigot server files
    Change spigot server port to
    25566 in
    online_mode: true to online_mode: false in
    bungeecord: false to bungeecord: true in spigot.yml

    I know you probably didn't need a full tutorial on how to setup bungee, but this should do the trick.
  4. Yeah I know that I'm saying is there a way for me to have people not join strait to my skyblock server or whatever since its in offline mode and this has happened to me so I don't want all my stuff getting destroyed again.
  5. You can use some sorta of proxy join plugin. Ip whitelist works well.

    Also, on bungee config set: ip:fowarding to true and then on your spigot servers in the spigot.yml set "use-bungee" to true. This will also only allows players to join through bungee ip. But it's good to have the ipwhitelist for extra security.
  6. Or, just dont have the other server's ips as public. you can set the other servers ips to be local host (

    So for example your bungeecord ip is public and is 12.34.567.89:25565, but the lobby and skyblock are and (you should also set this in your bungee config as well). This way they will not be seen as joinable on the server list, but the main bungeecord ip will. I'm not sure why they would keep changing back, but it works for me so i don't really know.
  7. I had them set as and they reset back to the original ips
  8. There is no use-bungee there is only bungeecord which is set to true
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  9. Opps, yeah. That's what it is.
  10. Same, same but different :D
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