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  1. Okey hello..

    I need very much help, it may be much to read now!
    So lets start....

    So, Im running a minecraft server where I host UHC (Ultra HardCore Games).

    In every game there are arround 70-100 players, and my server SHOULD be able to handle that!

    But every game the Server laggs like shit... It has lags that lasts for 6-10 seconds sometimes.

    First of all, all informations about the Server and everything:

    Minecraft Server:

    PaperSpigot 1.7.10 (ProtocolHack, so 1.7 and 1.8 clients can join)

    Java 8

    15GB ram

    Start Script:
    Code (Text):
    screen -dmS test java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Xmx15G -Xms15G -jar spigot.jar

    allow-end: false
    warn-on-overload: true
    permissions-file: permissions.yml
    update-folder: update
    ping-packet-limit: 100
    use-exact-login-location: false
    plugin-profiling: true
    connection-throttle: 4000
    query-plugins: true
    deprecated-verbose: default
    shutdown-message: Server closed
    monsters: 10
    animals: 15
    water-animals: 0
    ambient: 15
    period-in-ticks: 600
    load-threshold: 300
    animal-spawns: 300
    monster-spawns: 100
    autosave: 6000000000000
    enabled: true
    - warn-console
    - warn-ops
    - warn-console
    - warn-ops
    preferred-channel: rb
    suggest-channels: true
    aliases: now-in-commands.yml
    username: bukkit
    isolation: SERIALIZABLE
    driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
    password: walrus
    url: jdbc:sqlite:{DIR}{NAME}.db

    config-version: 8
    bungeecord: true
    late-bind: false
    sample-count: 12
    player-shuffle: 0
    filter-creative-items: true
    user-cache-size: 1000
    int-cache-limit: 1024
    moved-wrongly-threshold: 0.0625
    moved-too-quickly-threshold: 100.0
    timeout-time: 60
    restart-on-crash: true
    restart-script: ./
    netty-threads: 4
    max: 2048.0
    max: 2048.0
    max: 2048.0
    global-api-cache: false
    save-user-cache-on-stop-only: true
    debug: false
    - /skill
    silent-commandblock-console: false
    - setblock
    - summon
    - testforblock
    - tellraw
    tab-complete: 0
    log: true
    restart: Server is restarting
    whitelist: '&cYou are not allowed to join right now!'
    unknown-command: '&l&8[&6Unknown&8] &7Unknown Command!'
    server-full: The server is full!
    outdated-client: Outdated client! Please use {0}
    outdated-server: Outdated server! I'm still on {0}
    disable-saving: true
    forced-stats: {}
    verbose: true
    mob-spawn-range: 3
    enabled: true
    engine-mode: 2
    - 14
    - 15
    - 16
    - 21
    - 48
    - 49
    - 54
    - 56
    - 73
    - 74
    - 82
    - 129
    - 130
    - 1
    - 5
    nerf-spawner-mobs: false
    cactus-modifier: 100
    cane-modifier: 100
    melon-modifier: 100
    mushroom-modifier: 100
    pumpkin-modifier: 100
    sapling-modifier: 100
    wheat-modifier: 100
    netherwart-modifier: 100
    animals: 8
    monsters: 8
    misc: 10
    players: 38
    animals: 38
    monsters: 38
    misc: 20
    other: 20
    hopper-alt-ticking: false
    hopper-transfer: 24
    hopper-check: 24
    hopper-amount: 3
    random-light-updates: false
    save-structure-info: false
    max-bulk-chunks: 5
    max-entity-collisions: 1
    dragon-death-sound-radius: 0
    seed-village: 10387312
    seed-feature: 14357617
    walk-exhaustion: 0.2
    sprint-exhaustion: 0.8
    combat-exhaustion: 0.3
    regen-exhaustion: 3.0
    max-tnt-per-tick: 100
    view-distance: 4
    chunks-per-tick: 200
    clear-tick-list: false
    exp: 6.0
    item: 4.5
    hanging-tick-frequency: 100
    item-despawn-rate: 3600
    arrow-despawn-rate: 600
    enable-zombie-pigmen-portal-spawns: false
    wither-spawn-sound-radius: 0
    zombie-aggressive-towards-villager: false
    tile: 12
    entity: 22
    enabled: true
    verbose: true
    server-name-privacy: false
    - database
    - settings.bungeecord-addresses
    history-interval: 300
    history-length: 3600

    config-version: 6
    limit-player-interactions: true
    baby-zombie-movement-speed: 0.5
    async-plugin-bad-magic-catcher: true
    max-packets-per-player: 1000
    strength: 1.3
    weakness: -0.5
    lava: false
    water: false
    milk: false
    verbose: true
    remove-invalid-mob-spawner-tile-entities: true
    optimize-explosions: true
    mob-spawner-tick-rate: 5
    cache-chunk-maps: false
    tnt-explosion-volume: 4.0
    minimum: 45.0
    maximum: 63.0
    cactus: 3
    reeds: 3
    MinimumTicks: 100
    MaximumTicks: 900
    block-break: 0.02500000037252903
    swimming: 0.014999999664723873
    soft: 32
    hard: 128
    tnt-entity-height-nerf: 0
    enderpearls: true
    tnt-entities: true
    falling-blocks: true
    boats-drop-boats: false
    less-picky-torch-placement: false
    disable-player-crits: false
    disable-end-credits: false
    disable-chest-cat-detection: true
    canyon: true
    caves: true
    dungeon: true
    fortress: true
    mineshaft: true
    stronghold: true
    temple: true
    village: true
    flat-bedrock: false
    monument: true
    enderpearls: false
    tnt-entities: false
    falling-blocks: false
    lava: false
    water: false
    normal: 30
    nether: 10
    nether-ceiling-void-damage: false
    player-blocking-damage-multiplier: 0.5
    disable-thunder: false
    disable-ice-and-snow: false
    tick-next-tick-list-cap: 10000
    tick-next-tick-list-cap-ignores-redstone: false
    keep-spawn-loaded: true
    falling-blocks-collide-with-signs: false
    disable-mood-sounds: false
    use-async-lighting: true
    disable-explosion-knockback: false
    water-over-lava-flow-speed: 5
    inverted-daylight-detectors: false
    allow-undead-horse-leashing: false
    container-update-tick-rate: 4
    allow-block-location-tab-completion: true
    falling-block-height-nerf: 0
    portal-search-radius: 128
    fix-cannons: false
    use-hopper-check: true
    all-chunks-are-slime-chunks: false
    data-value-allowed-items: []
    warnWhenSettingExcessiveVelocity: true

    BanGUI (my Own, not causing lags)
    Multiverse Core
    Timings Patch
    UHC (My Own)
    UHCPex (My Own)

    One of the timings I made:

    I know it seems like a lot of the lag comes from my UHC plugin.. thats right, but not only, I am already working on fixing that, but most lags come from other things..

    Im running the Minecraft server on a vServer with:

    CPU: Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3 or E5-2630v4 processor 10 Cores

    50GB Ram

    1200GB SSD

    Ubuntu 16.04

    1 Gbit/s port

    So what I am asking for..

    How can I defeat the fu**ing lags?

    Questions that could may help:

    Is it worth to use PaperSpigot?

    Is there are a better Start Script?

    Any plugins I should remove/add?

    And other advises would be also good..

    Thank you very much in advance!

    If you need any further information, just ask!
  2. Battling with lag can be quite difficult. I can't tell at this point what's wrong. Can you provide the statistics of: average internet usage, average cpu usage and average disk write/read speeds.

    Also note that a VPS is not as powerful as dedicated machines. I knew instantly because those specifications are what Contabo uses for their XXL VPS :)

    Also note that the 1Gbps port is SHARED on the virtual machine. With other people on the same machine. And so is the processor and other harware.
  3. I know all that :/, but the server should still be able to handle that.
  4. I have a server from Contabo a VPS SSD XXL
    I habe run 50 - 70 mc plugins server online and no Laggs. And zu are german ??
  5. Yes i am german.
  6. Post the statistics of your system usage data.
    System menu > Choose Administration > System Monitor
    Screenshot the graphs only, post that here.
  7. I only use console to control my server, remote desktop takes too much performance for me
  8. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    The joys of running outdated software, especially with paper; is that you specifically do not get advantage of papers greatest feature: Timings V2. < For a large heap, I'd suggest using them; ignore the suggestion of flag changes for an allocation of your size, he has stated since that he thinks that they're only really relevant for heaps a bit larger than that (I'd also be weary of the "one fits all" measure not really working)...

    Your server is lagging in areas where I consider ^ to be highly relevent, e.g. connection handling causes packet creation, ticking of entities, etc, etc.. beyond that it would really just look like a general case of the hardware not being capable of keeping up
  9. Code (Text):
    free -m
                  total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
    Mem:          50317        1772       44364         465        4180       47490
    Swap:             0           0           0
    thats what the memory is (right now).
  10. I will look at it.

    But why should the hardware not be able to keep up? Its good hardware it should be able to?
  11. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    1. you're sharing the hardware. "dedicated cores" and all that is BS marketing if they're shoving that one at you too.

    2. you're under a hypervisor, which does reduce performance, how much is depending on what system your host is using, as well as the fact that such software is generally amazing at hiding how loaded the server you're on actually is.

    3. larger heaps = more demand on the CPU. with how MC + java work together, you'll notice that you'll hit the CPU upper head fast if your instance isn't configured properly. e.g. GC tuning is highly important with stupidly large heaps, even java is pushing G1 as the default in java 9 to address the issues that other collectors have with the way that java and computing has moved.
  12. Exactly what electronicboy said. Shared equipment is basically multiple people that use your 1Gbps and multiple people that use your ram-processor-ssd connectors :rolleyes:
  13. I do know that. I still think the server should be able to keep up with 70 players.

    But okey, I will try some ways to maybe get a little bit more performance out of the server.

    Thank you very much for the help :)
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