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  1. Hi, I am new at creating large minigames, so I was wondering to start out if the minigames library found here would be a good starting point and if it is I would really like to know the basics of it. Can any of you please provide some examples this way I can start coding larger minigames than what I have been coding lately. Thanks for your time to read this post;
    - Zaboomafoo
  2. If you're new at creating minigames you might want to try making one by yourself first so you can know how they work and it'll be some good experience.

    Another question, and I don't mean to be rude, do you know how to use a library?
  3. Lol yes, I know how to use a library but I am new at larger minigames. I understand how they work but to start I want to use a library.
  4. Then go for it :)

    As far as code examples you should be able to look through the JavaDocs and be able to come up with how to use it.
  5. Have you ever used it before?
  6. No, why? A library is a library, using the lib would be like using Spigot. Just look through the documentation and familiarize yourself with it. You know how to use a library, don't make this out to be that hard. It's just like using any other library.
  7. Oh OK, I was just wondering if this was a good library to work with or not.
  8. No idea! :D That'll be one of those wait and see kind of things, let me know how it goes.
  9. Ok thanks.
  10. Read a few sources of plugins that use minigameslibs here. If I was you I'd write the minigame your self without the lib otherwise you will probably run into dead ends like the authors not updating it etc. Plus you will learn more.
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