Help with my domain?

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  1. It's quite confusing to me.

    I was doing this setup that I virtually copied up online - == SRV == 1H == 10 5 25444
    mc == A == 1H ==

    I needed to change the address from to so I could have a separate address for my upcoming towny server

    I deleted the old one and tried this == SRV == 1H == 10 5 25444
    factions == A == 1H ==

    The old one still works ( despite being deleted) but the new one I tried to make doesn't work (

    I am using google domains. I've never worked with domains before so I'm almost completely ignorant on the subject. sorry if this is considerd advertising or something ;w;
  2. In your new SRV record you need to change == SRV == 1H == 10 5 25444
    to _minecraft._tcp.factions == SRV == 1H == 10 5 25444

    The SRV gets the subdomain from the value after ._tcp, which in your case you want to change from mc to factions.
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  3. Oh, thanks. I thought that wasn't supposed to be tweaked at all. Thankyou!~ ^w^

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