Help with PEX! [1.8.1]

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by tennisplayer711, May 23, 2015.

  1. I have a prison server and I'm trying to set up prestiging after recently updating to 1.8.1.

    When they prestige, it does these commands:

    Code (Text):
        - pex user %player% group remove Infamous
        - pex user %player% group add Prisoner
        - pex user %player% group add Inmate
        - pex user %player% group add prestige4
        - pex user %player% add ezprestige.prestige.4
        - ezmsg &bYou are now &f%prestige%&b!
        - ezbroadcast &f%player% &bhas just prestiged to &f%displaytag%&b!
        - eco reset %player%
        - spawn
        - cratekey give %player% vote 3
    It executes all of the commands, but for some reason it will not add them to prisoner or inmate. After prestiging it added me to only the prestige group. Please help ASAP! I will be very grateful!
  2. Someone please help me. Needed ASAP
  3. Isn't it /pex %player% group set prestige4?