1.12.2 Help with Potion effects in different server versions

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  1. Hello, im working on a multi-version (1.8 and 1.12) plugin and i have a method called 'isLevitation' that only works if the server version is 1.12, but when i try to browse the effect Levitation on the potion effect type i dont found it. I already have spigot 1.12 and spigot 1.8 as project libraries.


    islevitating.png jars.png

    Someone know how can i do this?
  2. When I try typing "levitation" in all lowercase, it does not show up, but when I type it in all uppercase, it does. Try typing it in all uppercase and see if it shows up.
  3. Thanks you for the reply but it doesnt work for me :( my problem is that my ide not recognize my other librarie, like if it is targeting to the 1.8 one,
    sorry im newby on multi version development..
  4. Not CraftPotionEffect use PotionEffectType...
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