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  1. Hey guys! I started a SMP/minigames server around 2 months ago and I have a very small community base. I have been trying to get some more players, but I don't know what to do. I really like to meet new people and playing paintball, CTF, and just building with them. I got this server so I can meet new people and get to know what they like. I want to ask you guys what the best way to get my server up and going and how to get a bigger player base. = Website
    Planet minecraft

    Picture of Paintball Arena. This is nuketown. The staff and I built this off another picture.
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    Bump PMC as much as you can, preferably every day. It may be little kids, but its a great way to get your community on a head start towards getting donations and being a server that people tell their friends about.
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    I'm going to warn you now, and i hope save you trouble down the road CHANGE your ip to something you controol, NEVER use host DNS what if you leave that host?
    use something like that way if you ever move host, you can keep the same ip.
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  5. Yes I agree with them as well it's always a smart move to use no-ip or something.