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  1. My server is lagging and the server is on local host with 2gb and using spigot 1.13 and i have 52 plugins
    I will put the server on pebblehost when i finish it but i want to make sure that everything is working and without any lag.
    Can someone help me to get out of that lag? my ping go above 5000ms.
    Edit: Im be able to lower the lag by changing skins restorer for changeskin. But the server is still lagging.
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  2. Hello 52 plugins are many plugins maximum 20 plugins
    What plugins are you using?
    What kind of server is practice? or kitpvp?
  3. 2gb can’t handle 52 plugins
  4. it will be a mixed server with kitpvp,skywars,buildbattle,survival and hungergames. There no bungeecord. im very good at creating mixed servers with perworldsupport.
  5. Some plugins of the server are created by myself. For example i created the lobby plugin
  6. This is not going to work
    I can come to understand that you do not have enough economic resources to pay for a 16GB ram server but you need to understand that each game mode has to be separated on individual servers
    This guarantees you greater performance and less consumption and more stability
    most anticheats go crazy without trying to do that have 5 game modes on the same server
    using versions 1.13.2 or 1.14 are poorly optimized increases the consumption and lowering of TPS
  7. its varies on the type of the plugin you are using. You server can lag when if you have 15 plugins with 3GB if your plugins are not optimized and take much resources
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  8. This isn’t going to solve his RAM problem. You’re just advertising premium resources that will never fix his issue.

    2 GB RAM with 52 plugins, even if there’s no players on then good luck with that. Try to minimise your plugins depending what they are. Try upgrade to 6 GB at least. You will never be able to run any sort of PvP gamemode on a server with so little RAM.
    Your server isn’t even using all that RAM, around 500 MB should be reserved for the operating system. If you have other services like SQL running, then that takes RAM too.
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  9. I am endevouring to make a server health plugin, and ...
    I have been running some tests on an MC1.14.4 Spigot server
    criteria :-
    locale Windows machine
    no defined GC
    single world server
    NO players
    with only my system reporter plugin

    And so far my results are that the absolute minimum memory requirement is -Xmx should be equivelent to 2.2GB

    When I get further along with my project, I will expect to cover a wider range of criteria.

    But, the OP's attempted resource is definately underpowered.
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