Help with server lag!

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  1. For some reason, and this hasn't happened before, my survival server seems to be experiencing extreme lag and low TPS. It's quite noticeable and is causing issues.

    Does anyone have any advice to fix it? This is a timings report:

    It is a obsolete Spigot version, it runs Spigot 1.8.8 (21fe707-e1ebe52), but it's something I'd like to stick with.

    Thanks in advanced!

    Edit: Resolved. It appears it's a disk performance issue and I'm taking that up with my host.
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  2. how much ram do you have? and reduce ur server side render distance
  3. Your lag seems to mostly come from chunk loading. Reducing your server render distance might help as drqp mentioned. Getting more ram can probably help too considering all the other standard server tasks seem to take up quite a significant amount of load.
  4. I'll look into increasing the memory, but it seems that most of it is coming from chunk loading. It seems it's getting a slow response and, on further checking, it seems that the disk performance has drastically decreased. I opened a ticket with my host and they're working on it.