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  1. Im trying to download and play the SMPLive map. I followed the directions on the Minecraft wiki to set up a server and read a help thread that told me to put the files inside the server file. I couldnt find the server file so I put them in the world folder. I went to Minecraft and tried direct connecting with the IP as localhost and it came up with$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:
  2. Do you know if the server is open or not, and if the server port is 25565 (the default one) in your "" as if its not 25565 and you are only connecting with "localhost" that wouldn't work.

    If the port is 25560 in your "" then you would need to connect with locahost:25560
  3. I checked, the port was 25565 and it still didnt work, popping up with the same error message
  4. If @Simplifying 's isnt working, ensure you are using the correct ip or put your internal IP's IPv4 of your main source of internet there, you may check that by going to your Command Prompt and inserting "ipconfig" and press Enter.

    Depending on the network adapters you have, you will be given a list with Ethernet or Wifi, depending on what you are using.
    Copy the IPv4 address from there and put that in under "server-ip".
  5. @Simplifying, how do i get to that command prompt?
    @IAmAGuest, I put the IPv4 ip address in the file and it still didn't work, popped up with the same message.
  6. Did u portforward...

    Connect with your public IP Address instead of local host.
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    Windows or linux? If Windows, hit the start menu and type command and "Command Prompt" should be in the results. Or hold the Windows key on the keyboard, tap R and a run dialog will appear. Type cmd and hit enter. If linux, look in the programs menu/search for terminal.

    Like 90% of home network devices do not support NAT reflection, so you do not want to use the public IP address when inside the network for which you are externally port forwarding. Use localhost. Well, assuming server is running on the same box as the client at least. If not, use the internal IP address of the server machine. What people somewhat inaccurately refer to as "the IPv4". It's like a 99.9% chance that it is IPv4, but IPv4 is just a format - it has fuckall to do with internal vs external.
  8. That isnt showing any minecraft information

    @IAmAGuest, I typed in the IP instead of localhost and it didnt work, but it did take a significantly longer time to load.
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    Well.. yea, it won't. It has nothing to do with Minecraft specifically. As IAmAGuest said:
    That's where you can check what private network address your computer is set to use.