Help with setting up bungeecord?

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  1. How do i set up bungeecord?
    I set the bungeecord to be true in the spigot.yml file but when i try to log into the server it says

    "If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config aswell!"

    but i cannot find any bungeecord file?
  2. You need to run a bungeecord server as well. Bungeecord is NOT a plugin for a spigot server.

    You connect to the bungeecord (proxy) and it will forward your connection to the Spigot server.

    Read this:
  3. YES! thank you now i can usebungeecord
  4. Um it appears to still not be working i've set ip forwarding to true but it still says the

    "If u wish to use Ip forwardingm please enable it in your Bungeecord config aswell!" message
  5. As far as i remember you have to set up your bungeecoord as, local ip and enable Ip Forwarding in bungeecord and... On the "Physical" server side as well? Give it a try or send me prints of the Configurations of the server and i'll help you fixing it
  6. SteelPhoenix


    I don't think that's your spigot config.yml

    Also, did you disable online mode on your spigot server (BungeeCord does the authentication) And did you connect to your bungeecord server, and not the spigot server?
  7. In your Spigot.yml; file change online-mode to false