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  1. Im making a XP system where you get 6 or 7 Mining XP if you mine a coal ore.
    If you reach a cirtan amount then something will happen..

    So what would i need to do

    - What i need: Something like
    Code (Text):
    p.addexp(100) - Example
    Code (Text):
  2. If you want to add experience to your player, you can do it with
    Code (Text):
    // Or if you want to add levels you can do
    and if you want monitor level changes you can use the PlayerLevelChangeEvent
  3. No i want a custom system.
  4. What do you mean by 'a custom system'? What's wrong with the.. eh.. Bukkit API's "system"?
  5. A system wich will give them an interger of XP not a minecraft XP system
  6. BockBreakEvent {
    when player breaks coalore {
    get xp from config + 6
    save the config
  7. So... Where is the problem then?

    Create a custom class with custom properties. (Well a Integer is enough maybe)
    Make methods to access and modify them and create a HashMap (e.g HashMap<UUID, CustomClass>) where you store the mining experience for each player.
  8. Code (Java):

    Plugin pl;

    public void blockBreakEvent(BlockBreakEvent e) {
        Block b = e.getBlock(); //b is the broken block this can be any block so we need to check if it was a COAL_ORE.
        Player p = e.getPlayer(); //The player who broke the block.

        if(b.getType() == Material.COAL_ORE) { //Let's check if the block the player broke was a COAL_ORE and if it is COAL_ORE add the xp
            int xp = pl.getConfig().getInt("Players." + p.getName() + ".xp"); //Integer xp is the curent XP value in the config file.
            pl.getConfig().set("Players." + p.getName() + ".xp", xp + 6); //We set the xp level with xp + the 6 new xp;
            pl.saveConfig(); //Don't forget to save the config!
    if you save your stuff in a config you can try this.
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    Thanks for spoonfeeding the OP, I'm sure they'll learn a lot.

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