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  1. Hey guys I'm currently trying to set up SRV records so I can have multiple listeners on BungeeCord for the MOTD's.

    Some reason the SRV records I'm setting up just don't want to work could some one please help me?

    Here's what I have so far:


    This should be pointing to a listener on 25566 instead its still pointing to 25565

    Here's what I get when I go to create a new record if it helps


    Thanks for any help :D
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    How long has it been since you created the SRV record?

    Have you tried removing the . between _minecraft and _tcp? No clue if that will change anything. I personally used cloudflare and they took everything as a seperate text box and created the hostname from the information provided.

  3. Time could be an issue. If by tomorrow it's not working I guess I could try cloudflare which in all honesty would most likely be better and easier any way lol
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    Yeah, cloudflare is simple and supports a lot of record types.
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    I would go with Cloudflare, much simpler system with nice features.
  6. Ok so I've set up with CloudFlare and still can't seem to get it to work properly here's my current dns records minus all the irrelevent junk.


    Now the normal domain works but the doesn't. I can do a dig on it with
    dig any
    and it shows the correct answer but on my server list it says it can't resolve host name.
    I tried creating an A record just for the subdomain but that didnt point to the right port like it should with the SRV.
    Does bungeecord not use the _minecraft protocol?
  7. This is exactly how I set up my SRV record on CloudFlare and it works fine with BungeeCord.

    The good news is, your SRV record appears to be set up correctly:

    Oh hey, I was able to connect to your server on Minecraft using
    I'm guessing that you just need to flush your local DNS cache.
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  8. Thanks for the info :D
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