Help with syncing Xenforo with Minecraft server

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Vengea, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Vengea



    I have been searching for a while after the best solution for Xenforo and our minecraft server. I have seen CommunityBridge, but it doesn't support our permission plugin, PowerfulPerms. So then I ended up with XenSync, but it seems like all it does it linking the permission groups with Xenforo ranks, so I guess we gotta have our own way to connect the minecraft user with the Xenforo user?

    So I found out that XenforoRegister plugin is doing exactly that, it let players register on the forum from ingame and making their minecraft account connect with the forum account, but XenforoRegister does not support ingame ranks with Xenforo ranks.

    So my question here is, is it possible to combine these to? Using both of them? I'm not the best with Xenforo and if anyone believe they can make this happen, I would be happily to pay them to do it for me. To begin it, I believe I can give it a shot if you guys provide any tip of this being possible and how it should be done.



    Thanks for help, John.
  2. Vengea


    Yeah, but its the same issue, that plugin doesnt connect the minecraft username with the Xenforo username. It just give you the correct rank.